The Trade Union of Malayalam Film Makers

FEFKA Directors Union

The Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) Directors Union serves as a bastion for directors, Associates and Assistants within the Malayalam film sphere. This esteemed entity is dedicated to fortifying the rights and professional standing of directors while fostering an environment conducive to creative brilliance...

Our Mission

"FEFKA Directors Union is dedicated to championing the artistic vision, professional integrity, and collective rights of directors within the Malayalam film industry. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community that empowers directors through advocacy, skill enrichment, and ethical practices. Committed to advancing industry standards, we strive to create an inclusive environment that nurtures creativity, encourages collaboration, and ensures equitable opportunities for all members. With a focus on continuous learning, representation, and harmonious relations, we aim to uphold the cultural heritage of cinema while serving as a steadfast advocate for the well-being and advancement of our esteemed directors."


Our Vision

The vision of FEFKA Directors Union is to be the preeminent driving force, uniting and elevating the Malayalam film industry's directorial community. We envision a future where our union stands as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and ethical leadership. Through steadfast advocacy and collective empowerment, we aspire to cultivate an environment that inspires excellence, fosters diverse storytelling, and embraces technological advancements while preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kerala's cinema. Our vision encompasses fostering a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures emerging talents, promotes inclusivity, and ensures a sustainable, thriving landscape for directors, setting new benchmarks and pioneering positive change within the industry.

Executive Committee 2022-24